Drowsy Water

Saturday, May 13, 2017

More than Flowers: Celebrate Mom with a real Mom's vacation

In addition to their dozens of other duties, moms often find themselves in charge of planning and booking family vacations. Over the years, we have learned that many of them will say time spent on a Colorado dude ranch ranks amongst the best trips they have ever taken.
It isn’t just that traveling to Colorado is easy, or that there is something for everyone to do all day long. There are several aspects of our adventure vacations that appeal specifically to mothers everywhere. Here are just a few of the biggest reasons moms love coming to our Colorado dude ranch…
 The Dude Ranch is a Housework-Free Zone
Even on vacation, moms can have lots to do. But, when you’re on one of our ranches, every member of the family is on vacation. That’s because our staff take care of laundry, cooking, cleaning, and whatever else you might need. There’s nothing to scrub, shop for, or worry about – just a place where you can kick back, enjoy the scenery, and participate in all the fun activities happening around you.

Travel and Organizing Are Easy
Whether you are driving or flying, getting to Colorado is easy. And once you’re here at our ranch, you don’t have to worry about shuttling from one property or attraction to another. In fact, some families arrive without firm plans at all. Instead, they decide what to do on a day-to-day basis. Either way, once you realize you won’t have to deal with buses, subways, passports, or currency exchanges, the logistics of planning a fun and relaxing getaway become much simpler. 
Being on a Colorado Dude Ranch Brings the Family Together
It can be hard for moms to relax when other family members are feeling and acting tense. Fortunately, that’s hard to do when you’re surrounded by fresh air, are taking horseback rides to the countryside, and are bonding around campfires at night. A closer family means a chance to unwind and break out of day-to-day routines and squabbles. Sometimes, a change of scenery is just what you need to bring parents and kids together so everyone can have fun.
Mom Deserves a True Vacation, Too
We don’t just have adventure – in the form of horseback riding, zip lines, archery, and other activities – but everything else you’d expect in an all-inclusive vacation, as well. Despite the image that might come to your mind when you think of a “Colorado dude ranch,” our property offers a pool, and hot tub,  hearty and healthy meals, a relaxing river trip, mountain hikes and weekly yoga. That means moms don’t have to worry about being unofficial tour guides. They can enjoy a true vacation with nothing to worry about. 

Any vacation can be a good one, but if you’re looking for the kind of break that can help mom de-stress, too, consider coming to visit our working ranch. What you’ll find is that adventure and complete relaxation really can exist in the same time and place!

(This post was modified from a post that originally appeared on the Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Blog)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Four Lucky Reasons for a Drowsy Water Ranch Vacation

Vacations are like clovers: you can find them everywhere, in great clumps and tangles, around this planet.  Often, like the three-leafed plant, one vacation is very similar to the one next to it; they all smell sweet and look lovely but to find that rare, unique, four-leafed variety that stands out from the rest, you really have to hunt or even just hope for a little luck. 

Likewise, we know finding a truly magical, one-of-a-kind vacation in the sea of sweet-smelling, grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side kinda trips requires a bit of a hunt and a little bit of luck.   Sometimes your trip plops you and yours among a crowd of leprechauns, all scrapping for gold and up to no good.  Sometimes, if you're lucky, you end up finding a golden spot, hidden under the blue sky and the puffy clouds, and you leave with a rainbow of memories.   

However you end up here, research, word-of-mouth, or plain old luck, your family's stay at Drowsy Water Ranch will be that magical, pot-o'-gold find.  We enjoy sharing our ranch and we, too, feel lucky to have fantastic families and individuals come from all corners of the earth to play and relax with us here.  

To celebrate our luck, here are four lucky reasons to consider a stay with us:

1. Lots of time to click your heels outside
It's amazing how playing in a little fresh air and sunshine refreshes your whole being.  It doesn't matter if you're young or old or somewhere in-between, letting go of the desks, computers, and just kicking up your heels (or clicking them!) and enjoying time with friends and family in nature is the best kind of break. 

2. Rainbows under a big, blue sky 
We embrace Colorado's sunshine and celebrate our short summers by being out under the big, blue, Colorado sky as much as we can.  We wander among the trees, streams, and wildflowers whenever possible and marvel at the ever-changing colors of the wildflowers, the sunrises, the sunsets, and fall's changing aspens.  

3. Green Grass means happy horses
Our horses are our friends and your companions.  They love to work for a living, carrying our guests through the mountain trails around the ranch.  We love them in return with plenty of fresh mountain water, green grass, and top-notch care.  We see magic happen every week between our horses and our guests as they form a bond that won't be forgotten!

4. Lots of mischief for your little leprechauns
We offer plenty of adventure for your little leprechauns.  We'll take them on backcountry explorations, play with them in our gurgling stream, teach them how to manage a horse, and help them get into all sorts of other trouble.  Just be careful, you might have to trap them to get them to leave the ranch when it's time to go home!  

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Love Letters

When did you last write a love letter?  Was it to a cute boy in second grade?  That one girl across the street in fifth grade?  Maybe is was to your husband or to your wife.  Here at Drowsy Water, we get a lot of love letters.  They float into the mailbox occasionally and we save them for ages, keeping them in a special envelope and bringing them out to read when we're feeling sentimental.  

Sure, Ken is a great singer when you put him next to a fire under the stars, but the letters aren't to him.  Randy Sue can sure tell her flowers while simultaneously hiking up a mountainside and cooking a turkey, but the letters aren't to her for her super-powers either.  Nope, Justin and Ryan, sorry to break it to you, but you aren't that cute and Peyton and Chase, thankfully, you're still too young.  

At Drowsy Water, most of our love letters come addressed to those of us with four legs, two eyes, and a mane and a tail.  Our horses are, without fail, the primary recipient of these professions of love.  Something about them indisputably captures the hearts of our visitors.

Our herd seems to manage maintaining multiple long distance relationships.  The magical bond that a rider; young, old, or somewhere in-between; and a horse make during the week is a true and strong love.  Our horses take their riders on grand adventures, they keep them safe, and they respond to feelings and emotions.  It's really no surprise they are the popular ones around here.   
We treasure each and every letter, and strive to help each guest feel they love their horse enough to write one.  More often than not, it's the kids that write them, but we get letters to horses from teens and adults as well.  Not very often in life to you experience the trust and companionship a horse can offer.
Just like you might always remember the name of your first love,  many of our guests can remember the name of their horse years after they were last at the ranch.  The relationship is not one that is easy to forget.   

We hope you enjoy a few more love letters to the herd.  And, as you start thinking of writing that next love letter, don't forget your horse!  

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Help Wanted: Hard work, Good Fun, and Adventure involved

The time of year has come when we start the search.  We know they're out there, we just have to find them.  We'll look high.  We'll look low.  We'll look in our neighborhood and we might look in yours. 
What are we searching for? 

We're searching for the perfect combination of individuals to be our staff for the 2017 summer season.  

Do you or someone you know what to give it a shot? Here are a few traits we look for in our employees:

1. You "get" teamwork.  We all work together around here.  Your job description might be one thing, but you will often find yourself helping with jobs unrelated to your official title.  Ranch work is both unending and unpredictable at times; we often need all-hands on deck to get the job done. 

2.  You value hard work. Used to just doing the bare minimum? Always seeing how little you can do to get by? Then don't apply here.  We need employees that make a habit out of working hard with a smile.  There is something deeply satisfying about finishing your day tired, dirty, and ready for rest. You will experience that here, then you'll wake up and do it again the next day. 

3. You like to shatter expectations with exceptional service. We constantly tell our staff to give our guests more than they expect.  We do our darnedest to anticipate needs, fulfill them, then go one step more and give a little more.  The funny thing is, the more you give of yourself here, the more you receive.  

4. You like working for someone that loves what they do.  Being in the business for over 40 years, Ken and Randy Sue and the family not only know the business, they love it.  Their passion is apparent in everything they do.  They know the guests, they know the horses, the ins and outs of the buildings, and they know the staff.  The owners here are very hands on and take pride in making both the guests and staff feel part of the family for their time here.  This is not just a job, it is a home and a family.  If you have experienced working for someone that loves what they do, you know what a difference it makes.  If you haven't, you'll find that experience here. 

5. You can have fun in the mountains.  The ranch is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Colorado.  The Rocky Mountains tower over our county and the Colorado River starts here too.  The views are breathtaking and the trails are endless.  Our happiest staff are those that want to get out and explore.  From camping to fishing to hiking and biking, most of the fun around here is outside, free (or almost), and active. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thankful at Drowsy Water

Over the years at Drowsy Water Ranch, Randy Sue has cooked thousands of turkeys, baking and carving one to three of them each and every Sunday throughout the summer.   We welcome our guests with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, serving the meat with Randy Sue's homemade mashed potatoes, rolls made from scratch, stuffing, veggies, and cranberries.   This meal, typically served at a time we are all supposed to appreciate the gifts and people around us, is a perfect summary for what we do at Drowsy Water; an ideal prelude to a magical week where you can appreciate nature, family, and friends.

We take our time outdoors seriously here.  We are so thankful to live where we work, where we can show people from all over the world our beautiful corner of the earth.  The scenery is ever changing, the mountains never have the same light, the same snow cover, the same clouds surrounding them, or the same leaves, flowers, and plants adorning them.  

We are thankful to bring families together.  We see each week that time spent atop a horse warms hearts, giving families and friends time open up, laugh, and talk.  We love seeing kids, adults, and staff alike form friendships for life in just one week. 
 And we are thankful for the entertainment that makes us all laugh at Drowsy Water.  From learning to square dance, to showing what our herd of 120 amazing horses can do, we are happy to share these moments with our guests. 

And we're happy to share our lives with amazing animals too, and show our guests what joy a meaningful relationship with noble, kind, powerful creature can bring.  We know each horse by name, and we love each animal from goat to chicken to ever-giving and playful border collies. 


We are so lucky, so blessed, to share this feeling of gratitude each and every week at Drowsy Water Ranch.  
Happy Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

GHOST TOWN! Spooky times around the ranch!

In summer, the ranch is full of laughter and light as the long days light up our valley and our guests light up our spirits.  Now, in fall, the ranch is somewhat of a ghost town, tucked away in the silence of our secluded little valley.  The guests are long gone and darkness sinks in quicker each day, bringing with it a different kind of spirit.  Being alone at the ranch around Halloween, it's often hard not to lose yourself in the sounds of the night: the small cracks and crunches that come from a forest, and the creaks and moans of empty buildings. Come along for a creepy tour!

 The trees, bare, glow white in the late evening light, looking like skeletons standing in rows, waiting for their chance to break free of their roots and roam the valley.  

 The sky hosts many massive bare trees, home to black birds galore, all searching the sky for their favorite witch! 

 The stalls, deserted of saddles, could be any kind of scary torture device.  Ropes to catch zombies? Rebar to catch ghosts? 
 The lodge dining room serves meals to only ghouls! The darkness is perfect for their meal. 

 The cabins walls no longer hear laughter and love, but creaks and whines as the season's spirits move about unseen. 

 Alone in the woods, the ranch stories we laugh at in summer start to chill us to the bone.  From Jim's Grave, to the story of the Honeymooner and the White Wolf, and the rumors of the friendly ghost in Horse Thief, you start to question how much of the stories are just tall tales and how much are factual occurrences. 

 Good night, sleep tight. Enjoy this spooky season! 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Closing down shop

Summer has come to an end and so has our fun with guests, family, and friends.  We had a wonderful 2016 summer.  Now we take the time to drain the pipes, clean out the refrigerators, pull the horse shoes and send the herd out to fall pasture.  It's a bittersweet feeling saying goodbye to our summer.  We are sad to say goodbye to all our great guests and staff, but happy to see life return to a less hectic pace.  We watch as the leaves fall to the ground and we look forward to all the adventures and peace and quiet our winters hold.

We were lucky enough to have one special friend visit this summer that took some great photos to capture what we love so much about being here.  Amazing photos like these from Nell Pollak make sure we won't forget the memories made this summer and that we look forward to many more summer memories to come.