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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Drowsy Water Ranch Monday at the Barn, on Tuesday

First, sorry for missing the Monday deadline for my Monday Post. Lauren politely reminded me yesterday. Whoops.  We had Justin's birthday dinner last night and Peyton is teething so I had my hands full.  As if having Christmas isn't a big enough event to keep us busy, Justin had to be born only three days later.  He is difficult.   

Second, Ryan is home for the Holidays. One of the hobbies he'd acquired while living in the great state of North Dakota is photography. Funny what brutal cold and extreme boredom will do to a guy. He bought himself a fancy camera like the one Ashton Kutcher has and he's been experimenting with it all week.  I told him he can't expect to pick up chicks like Ashton Kutcher just because he has the same camera.  I haven't seen any girls around so I guess he hasn't had much luck. 

Anyways, Ryan has been taking thousands of photos.  This weeks picture is from his artistic mind.  I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of the camera, but it's nice to have Ryan home. He is one tough bugger for living in North Dakota. We're proud of 'em. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Drowsy Water Ranch Christmas at the Barn

Around here, it's easy to get in the spirit of the season. The snow, the quiet, the fire roaring in the fireplace, it all just makes Christmas feel like Christmas.  Plus, Randy Sue decorates for the season which always brings extra smiles.

 Here's Santa and his reindeer! 
And the entry way welcomes us home each time we drive up the road with nice wreaths. 

And the barn photo of the week shows the snow is piling up. Don't you think the red doors just make everything a little more festive! 
Merry Christmas, we wish you peace, joy and love during this special time of year. 

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday at the Barn: BRRRRR!

Good Monday Morning to you.  Big news: It snowed! It snowed! It is really, really winter here today. It is beautiful and peaceful, but, geez, is it ever COLD!

Yes, the thermometer is below the zero mark. . .Eek! And this is up a good 10 degrees from earlier in the morning. 

Icicles are growing and not just on the barn. 

Icicles grow on backs,

And noses,

And eyelashes!

Somebody get me some hot chocolate. 

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday at the Barn-Weekly Update

Not much to speak of in terms of exciting changes around the barn this week. The picture looks almost identical to last week. How boring this Monday thing will be if it just looks the same each week.  Of course, I could just be tricking you by posting the same exact picture every Monday.  You will never know! Wha-ha-ha-ha-ha! (that is an evil cackle-to be read as such, please!).

We need snow, obviously.  For this time of year, this is really a poor showing of Mr. and Mrs. Snowflake.  Maybe they are waiting for the stock market to turn around before coming to the ranch. Wha-ha-ha-ha-ha! (evil cackle, again).

Have a great week. Only a few days until the next weekend. Wha-ha-ha-ha-ha! (okay, you've probably had enough of this evil cackle thing). 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

FAQ: What do the Horses do all Winter?

In an attempt to answer some of the most commonly asked questions asked by our guests during the summer, I'm starting a little FAQ (frequently asked questions) series.  So in this, the first FAQ  edition, we will learn the answer to the question: 
"What do the Horses do All Winter?" 

The answer is simple.  They go to pasture, eat, drink, and be merry.  Where they go to pasture is more of a perplexing question.  Depending on their age, ability to sustain weight and potential use around the ranch, the horses have three options for winter living.  

First, the older horses as well as the horses that need extra sustenance to make it through the winter stay at the ranch.  This group of horses is fed grain and/or senior feed daily.  

Second, the "special horses" (e.g. Justin's roping horse, Randy Sue's favorite horses, etc.) stay near the ranch in meadows near the river.  Sharing their space are additional horses that need to have an extra eye looking out for them.  This includes newer horses, younger horses, older horses, and formally injured horses.  This group of horses is fed hay daily.  

Finally, for most of the horses, winter means a trip to Walden, Colorado.  In Walden, the horses spend the fall on the Fosha's hay meadows before moving across town to be fed and cared for by a friend and neighbor.   

Tuesday, we moved the Walden bunch from the Fosha's ranch over to the Murphy ranch where they will spend the rest of the winter.  

Here they are charging across the meadow on the Fosha's Walden Ranch.  All and all, we had about 75 horses up in Walden.  It's pretty magnificent to see that size herd all running together.

The herd was corralled in pens to better accommodate us humans catchin' 'em. 

As a side note, horses are incredibly photo shy.  I took so many stinking pictures.  And you know what most of my pictures were of?

Horse REARS!

SEE? They look at you, then the second they see the camera, WHAMO! Rear in the face!

That is except for these two. Storm and Lacy. They are not only striking, but they are little camera hogs.  They seemed to sneak in front of the camera quite often. 

Okay, getting back on track. . .below, Randy Sue puts a load of horses into the trailer (notice the rear, again!).  As you can imagine, having 75 horses to trailer across town takes a little while.  Each horse is carefully accounted for using a spreadsheet with their name, where they are and when they went there. 

And this is Jim.  Jim feeds the horses for us every day and lets us know if one is sick or injured.  He does a great job.  Amazingly, he knows most of the horses names.  Geez, I don't even know most of the horses names.  Did you notice who is in the photo with him?  There they are again, sneaking in pictures. 

The Walden bunch share Jim's love with other horses.  Jim usually keeps watch over nearly 200 horses each winter.  The horses will stay with Jim until May when we pick them up and bring them home to DWR.  

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Barn Shots

If you've been here during the summer, you know that Mondays at the barn are one crazy scene. Wranglers are running every which way, Ken is talking, Randy Sue is riding horses, people are meeting their horses, some rides are in the arena, some rides are leaving down the road, some rides are headed to First Point.  It is one heck of a busy day.  

What happens when it's all over? What does the ranch even look like without the hustle and bustle of summer? That's what we're going to find out. On Mondays, I'll post pictures from around the ranch.  And, just so we have a constant in this experiment, I'll take the shot of the barn above each week so we can see the difference from week to week. 

I'll also throw in some random fun pictures, like these:

The Barn Moster: this skull and antlers was a good find, but it kinda gives me the creeps. 

Cinches: Belt for horses. Or for people like me who had too much Pumpkin Pie last weekend.