Drowsy Water

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Drowsy Water Ranch Cowgirl

I've been trying to keep the blog to ranch happenings: moving cows, moving horses, the snow, the mud, the chicken, etc. etc. etc.  I know, I know, I slip in random personal facts, but I really do try to keep it focused on Drowsy Water Ranch and life in Colorado and things like that. But this week I won't even try. Why?

Peyton had her first birthday yesterday. That's why. I was downright overcome with emotions.  I was happy that we've kept her healthy this long, sad that she's no longer a little tiny baby, happy that she can walk and be a little bit independent, and sad that we only have seventeen years until she's entirely free. 
The one thing I kept coming back to yesterday, the one thing that kept me centered, is that Peyton gets to grow up on a ranch in Colorado.Who'd-a-thunk I'd get to stand by a cowboy and watch our babies grow up on a Dude Ranch in Colorado? Peyton sure is one lucky gal, and so are Justin and I to have her grow up here where her grandparents are close, where she can dig in the dirt and chase livestock, and where playing with kids from all over the world won't require even one minute her car seat.  
We are blessed and we Love you Peyton, our Super-Baby!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ranch Pyromaniacs

As you've  probably heard, this area of the state is seeing one of the worst pine beetle attacks in recent history. At this point, there is nothing we can do to stop the beetle.  We hopelessly watch as our pristine forests of green pines fall prey to the insect and turn the tell-tale red-brown color of a dead tree. Experts expect pine forest devastation in this area to reach nearly 100 percent. 

While this is heart-wrenching to watch, it's is just Mother Nature doing her thing.  And, that crazy gal, Mother Nature, doesn't leave us without a few silver linings. First, the aspen trees are alive and well and will fill in where the pine forest dies. This means more quaking leaves and stupendous fall colors.  

Second, we have to do something with the giant piles of dead trees left in the wake.  That means logging and, subsequently, burning the slash. Yep. I said burn. We get to light fires. Huge, hot, smoky, scary, fires.  What fun!

Maybe I am a little bit of a pyromaniac, but isn't everyone? When was the last time you lit a huge fire and didn't have either your mother or the police hunting you down? It is undeniably fun to light stuff on fire and it's even better when you can get away with it. 

So this winter we've been doing a lot of slash pile burning around the ranch.  Here's one of our biggest piles going up in smoke. . .literally!

Here's what we started with--one gigantic pile of trees. 

Next, crazy Ken took the propane torch to the sucker. 

Soon enough, we had us a real-live fire on our hands. See Ken there on the left? 

Here's some more flames rising high into the air. 
And a close up of white hot logs. You getting hot yet?

Here's the same spot when it's all over. We're left with a big black patch and some really stinky clothes. 

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Mud Season Monday from Drowsy Water Ranch

I know I've sort of fallen off course with the Monday at the Barn thing. Don't worry, the barn is still here. And as for life on the ranch, I'll say it has been typical for this part Colorado in April.
Then Cold. 
Then sun. 
Then snow. 
You know where that leaves us? 
With mud. 
This family ranch does a Jeckyl and Hyde transformation in the next few months. From a mud covered  squishy and squashy patch of brown, to a green, blooming, beautiful mountain valley.  We're all anxiously awaiting the latter. In the meantime, we'll be here, in the mud. 

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