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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Real Ranch Easter Egg Hunt

Maybe it's because we have a little cowgirl running around. Or maybe I have a minor case of cabin-hermit fever. Or maybe I just have way too much time on my hands. Whatever it is, I am having a blast hiding Easter Eggs this year. What a place to hide eggs, too. This Colorado Dude Ranch has endless hiding spots. See if you can guess each spot!

Oh, and yes, it is snowing. April 1st and still snowing. Hmmph.
A horse feed box.

In the pasture with the cows.

The DWR sign post.

In with the chicks. I hope their eggs aren't this color when they start laying.

In the hay barn.

In with the Mommy Shiloh and her kittens.

A cabin porch.

The big chicks. "What is this? Is it going to hatch?"

A close up of the kittens. One tiny egg for each tiny feline.

Oh, and the tractor. Tractors have lots of little niches, holes, and ledges to hide an egg or two.

Happy Easter from Drowsy Water Ranch!

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