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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From the eyes of a DWR guest, Part 1

Our summer is in full swing here at DWR. With a few great weeks under our belt, we're looking forward to a few weeks more. With all the extra things to do around here, the blog gets left behind at times. So, since we're busy out doing this or that with guests, we'll give the guests the work of doing the blog photos.

After all, we can try to explain what we do, we can try to show you how much we love the beauty and tradition of our ranch. But all our efforts don't show it through the eyes of a guest. Our guests get the best while they're here--a ranch life, Colorado adventures, and genuine hospitality, oh, and yoga and a massage too!

Please look through the following photos, and stay tuned for more posts to follow with photos from our guests.

These first photos are from Ron, Kim, and Taylor Hedenskog. Thanks for sharing! If you'd like to share yours, just email 'em this way.

Thanks and Happy Trails!
Wrangler's ride
Lauren the leader
Tyler and his hat
A little rest. . .
Julie, silly Julie
Flyin' by for food
Hiking in the Rocky Mountains
Rebecca: Growing plants and chasing Buckaroos


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