Drowsy Water

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ranch in Winter

While a lot of the country starts to think about spring, we still worry about winter up here in the Rockies. Here are a few shots of Drowsy Water Ranch in the winter.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mug Shots in Black and White

We have a mob of black and whites around here. They are our beloved border collies. You can't go anywhere without seeing a whole gang of them together running, jumping, digging, chasing animals, and generally causing trouble.

Each of the gang has a very unique personality. If the mob ever got arrested by the dog catcher, I could tell you how the wanted posters would read:
Name: Duke
Age: 9 years
Mob name: "The Old Man"
Wanted for: Excessive loyalty to Randy Sue, Dependability for finding lost cows in the backcountry, Caretaker and babysitter for sick or lost animals
Name: Buddy
Age: 5 years
Mob name: "Where's Ian"
Wanted for: Excessive loyalty to Ian, strange markings that make him look like he is wearing pants, being hopelessly in love and obsessed with Aspen
Name: Lily
Age: 4 years
Mob name: "Barky McBarkerton"
Wanted for: Excessive loyalty to Justin, Extreme obsession with and loud barking at large birds, Food guarding and gorging
Name: Aspen
Age: 4 years
Mob Name: "Little Lover"
Wanted for: Excessive loyalty to Randy Sue, Cuddling in bed, Constant desire to play instead of work

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Few Uninvited Guests

We've been overrun by a few guests that we didn't invite. They're big, hairy, and hungry!

Yep, a herd of oh, I don't know, 'bout a hundred elk have moved in. Every night, they sneak down to the shop where we store our hay and have a few midnight snacks. They destroy the hay and make a big mess. Then every morning, they file back up the hillside like a string of ants coming from a picnic.

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