Drowsy Water

Friday, July 22, 2011

For those who like to hike. . .

We get plenty of horse crazy folks here. They have horse shirts, horse pins, and horse posters. They know the sweet smell of manure, enjoy the feel of soft leather under their tush and the sound of hoof beats on the ground is music to their ears.

But this horse obsessed life isn't for everyone. And for those less-horsey folks, we offer plenty to keep them busy during their vacation at Drowsy Water Ranch.

One example of an alternative activity is Thursday afternoon's guided hike with Randy Sue. Yes, yet another Randy Sue adventure. (That woman is everywhere!)

Yesterday we took a willing crew up to Caribou Pass near the continental divide.
Randy Sue led the way, stopping to tell us all about the local flora. We saw wild strawberries, wild blueberries, heart-shaped arnica, mystery mushrooms, and much more.
One of our guests, Marit, could actually knit while hiking. She is a multi-tasker deluxe.

We hiked through beautiful forests of fir and spruce.
And saw mountain streams and ponds.
Ryan (below) has been here for eight years and never hiked the same hike twice and says the sights never get old.
Our guests relaxed near the top and saw patches of snow on the way.
All our hard work is paid off when we saw the views from way up there.
In fact, the view was so great, even our tiniest hiker was smiling.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Looking for these Mamas and babies

We pushed our cows out just a few weeks ago. Randy Sue heads up the operation--planning and executing the ideal procedure for moving the cows out onto open range for the summer.
But now, the cows are out there somewhere and, as usual, they've been a-wanderin'. We've seen a few pairs here, a few pairs there, and a few way up there while a few others are way down there. We never know where they'll end up.
Tomorrow, Randy Sue will head up one of her famed all-day cow rides. Now, not just anyone gets to go out looking for and mooooving cows (sorry, couldn't resist that typo). Typically, she takes a handful of guests that have quite a bit of horse experience and feel comfortable navigating in the forest alone. If she points in one direction and tells you to go that way looking for cows, you better go. She is the boss-lady after all, you'd better listen.
Some of our horses do much better with cows than others, too, so sometimes who she takes depends on the horse a little bit too. Some horses perk their ears, put their nose down and get into pushing cows. Other horses lay their ears back, swish their tail and do whatever they can to get away from that weird bovine creature.
Along the way, the adventure surely includes info about any and all plants you might see out their. Randy Sue is darn near a Colorado naturalist expert. She can tell you each flower, what it is used for and how it was named.
We'll let you know if our group tomorrow has a successful find and move. I know that even if they don't see one single cow, they'll have a great day with their fearless leader.

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