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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Flying Cowgirl

The coolest thing about raising ranch kid is watching them get to do fun things for the first time. We took Peyton to her first day of pre-school on Monday and, in the last week, she has had a few other firsts.
Her uncle Ryan recently flew home in his newest obsession--a 1977 Piper Turbo Arrow III. It might be older than Justin and I, but it is a perfect first plane for Ryan's flying and flight instruction. He's been taking his family on flights, teaching Justin and Ian for a private pilot's license, and doing other fun things liking buzzing the supper ride last night. Peyton got to go on her first flight with Uncle Ryan last week.
They flew over the ranch and pointed out few neighbors' ranches too. She loved every second of it. I thought she might take after her mom and get sick in small moving vehicles, but she didn't. She didn't have anything but cheers and smiles the whole flight. I have a feeling she might learn to fly at a young age.
Then, later in the week, we took her out on her first real trail ride.
She rode Bobby Sox up to the honeymooner cabin. We ponied her most of the way, but she did beautifully. She's starting to get the reining down, but not quite enough to get Bobby all the way to the honeymooner.
She is a real cowgirl at heart. Oh, Chase came too--asleep in the backpack.
What a fun summer it has been watching this flying cowgirl grow. We can't wait to see all her other firsts!

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