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Monday, November 7, 2011

Five Fundamentals for a Fosha

I love to take Peyton and Chase to the library in Hot Sulphur Springs for story time. The kids love to listen to the books, sing songs, and then pick out their own books to take home. The moms love a little interaction with someone that can actually spell her own name.

The other day, while talking with the other moms, one friend of mine—we’ll call her Mommy-number-one—turned to a woman I did not know—Mommy-number-two—and said, “This is Gretta. She’s a Fosha.”

I hesitated. I grinned. I stuttered.

“A Fosha?” I thought. “What is that supposed to mean: ‘She is a Fosha’?”

Did it mean I am supposed to be able to sing like Ken or ride a horse like Randy Sue or know hay equipment like Justin or fly airplanes like Ryan? What, exactly, was this Mommy-number-one meaning?

You could say it got me thinking. What is a Fosha?

Here’s what I can tell you.

So far, I’ve learned numerous lessons on being a Fosha. That is a good thing. I love learning. I can tell you that some of these lessons have come easily for me and others have been very, very hard. In the end, all of the lessons boil down to different applications of the same five, multi-faceted fundamentals.

Fosha Fundamental #1: Work.

Work hard. Work early. Work late. Work until dark. Work after dark. Work cows. Work horses. Work a room.

Fosha Fundamental #2: Save.

Save money. Save time. Save plastic sacks. Save tin foil. Save hurt animals. Save your attitude. Save a life.

Fosha Fundamental #3: Give.

Give time. Give money. Give gifts. Give food. Give love. Give a hand.

Fosha Fundamental #4: Share.

Share space. Share time. Share stuff. Share knowledge. Share laughs. Share enthusiasm.

Fosha Fundamental #5: Love.

Love the land. Love the mountains. Love animals. Love work. Love friends. Love family.

Maybe I am missing a fundamental or two but I am still learning. After all, I’ve only been around here a few years.

And, by the way, Mommy-number-two responded to Mommy-number-one by saying, “A Fosha? What’s that?”

I guess I get to show her.

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January 26, 2012 at 12:00 PM  
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Anonymous Margaret J. Leeds said...

Hello. Thank you for the interesting article. She makes you think.
Not everyone knows what / who is Fosh, but nevertheless, many of us are.
After all, being kind, loving, caring, helping others, loving animals is a thing that many people do every day.
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I'm sure that almost every person does something useful for another every day, he just does not know that he is Fosha.

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