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Monday, November 26, 2012

Two, Tractors, and Trucks

 Hey folks, it is--or was--just Chase's Birthday. We celebrated amongst friends, family, and leftover turkey--his birthday falling the day after Thanksgiving. In his honor, I offered to write him a little ditty but was quickly refused. In his true-blue, independent spirit, Chase said he'd rather have it come from him, not me. So here you have it, folks, birthday thoughts from a two-year old. 
 Howdy folks. My mom said I could do this thing on my own. I'm going to tell you about my life as a two year old at Drowsy Water. First, we need to establish some rules. 

Rule Number One:
I am in charge.

Got it? 
Rule Established. 
That's the only rule I have. 
I can't count higher than one anyway.

Next, I'll give you some reasons why rule number one is in effect. 
Most cowboy babies put their pants on one leg at a time. Not me. I don't even wear pants when I am serious about  moving cows. Nothing says cowboy more than the breeze on my knees.

Some kids want to go to some Disney place for their birthday. Not me. My ideal vacation spot is just across the road from my house. At any given moment, our shop has at least two tractors, one truck, one snowmobile, an assortment of tools, and Dad's workout gear. Pack me a lunch and a diaper change, Mom, I'm headed out.

And, Mom, when you set the table, don't bother with the fork and spoon. Not when I have a perfectly good mini fighter jet to stab that hunk of meat. And applesauce from a tiny tractor bucket? Mmmm.

You want to go zipline? Heck with that weight limit business. Just let me at 'er and let her rip because I am ready to zip! Need a ball? Soccer balls. Basketballs. Lacrosse balls. Tennis balls. Baseballs. They are all mine. You want to play with man stuff? You found your man.

Sun, moon, rain, mud, snow, wind and hail are no match for me. You want to climb a tree? Let's see you do it like this.

Thanks for sharing my birthday with me. I'm sure the rest of life will be a ride. Hope you make it, Mom and Dad!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Thanksgiving List

At Drowsy Water Ranch, we have can be thankful many things. Here's a quick list. . .Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Blue Skies 
We get our fill of sunshine up here.

2. Flowers
Every summer we are treated to nature's boquet.

3. Fire
You can't have a cookout without one.

4. Horses 
Some of the best Friends you will ever meet.

5. Kids
Seeing the world through their eyes is always inspiring.

 6. Sense of Humor
A cow with a tag in her nose. Now that is funny!

 7. Kids with a sense of humor
Teaching them what a road apple is. . .now that is funny.

 8. Food
Not much better in the world than butter on a fresh biscuit.

9. Family
You live with 'em, you love 'em.

 10. Being a Colorado Dude Ranch
The mountains, the air, the family, the animals, and the views.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The new kid: Tucker the Goat gets hungry

 If you weren't around the ranch this summer, then you probably haven't met our newest kid, Tucker. Tucker, the goat, came to us last summer as a little baby, a kid, and is rapidly growing into a billy goat. And when I say rapidly growing, I mean growing like a sausage, rounder and rounder and rounder by the day. 

 Tucker has one word. It is "MAAAAAAAAAAAAA!". You can hear his distinct cry from all corners of the ranch. He is often mistaken for a trapped small child.

 Tucker has one thought. It is food. If there is food, there is Tucker.
 Tucker is in love with Peyton. Mostly because she is assosiated with food. Also because she takes him on walks. And climbs trees with him. Not that he likes exercise. He probably assumes there just might be more food in the tree.

Tucker is quite the character. His eyes are very human and you can all but hear his little goat voice.
 "MAAAAAAAAA, soooo, you gonna feed that scoop today? I could eat it. I am FAMISHED. Starving. Downright hungry."

"Soooo, ummm, you gonna eat that hay over there or what, horse?"

 "You know, Bessie, the hay tastes much better when you actually climb inside the feeder. I just love surrounding myself with food."

 "What? I was hungry!"