Drowsy Water

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

In the swing of things

Our 2016 season is well under way. We have a few weeks under our belt now, the staff is trained and working hard, the guests are smiling and having fun, and the horses are shiny and healthy.  Nell Pollak, long time guest and staff member, recently took a break from her L.A. life to visit, work, and take some awesome photos. Here are just a few from her album that capture a week at Drowsy Water Ranch. In the photo up top, Ken cooks up breakfast ride eggs as part of his weekly tradition. How many eggs on the menu this week? 140 eggs will be scrambled up tomorrow morning for our full house of guests.

The horses head out to pasture. 

Peyton heads in to the ranch on Slider. He is her barrel racing horse and probably her best friend. 

The staff end the week with The Staff Show: an assortment of songs, awards, and silly skits.  

The herd at pasture: lucky horses to get to have so much room to roam. 
Chase enjoys his time at breakfast ride too. He usually is the chief assistant to Grandpa Ken while on  breakfast ride. 


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